Relationships Education Policy and Curriculum Information

At Gayton we believe in teaching children about healthy relationships with friends and family, developing a good understanding of what healthy future relationships can look like. We work hard to ensure all our children are taught how to be healthy and safe in their lives and choices they make, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing.

As you may be aware, the DfE (Department for Education) is introducing compulsory Relationships and Health Education for all primary children from the summer term.

We have been keen to consult with Parents/Carers and get their view on certain aspects of this new addition to the curriculum but COVID restrictions have prevented us from holding information sessions in school as we had planned.  We are now asking that parents take the time to view and consider our draft policy, along with supporting DfE documents and an outline of the school’s planned curriculum and respond to our online consultation by Friday 19th March.

We welcome your comments to ensure that we can be confident that our final policy meets the needs of our pupils as well as taking into consideration the views of all our stakeholders. All comments will be considered collectively, in light of statutory requirements.


Draft Relationships Education Policy

DfE Guide for Parents

Year 3 PSHE Programme of Study

Year 4 PSHE Programme of Study

Year 5 PSHE Programme of Study

Year 6 PSHE Programme of Study

Online Consultation


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my child be taught sex education at primary?
A: The DfE are not introducing compulsory sex education at primary school. Based on initial discussions with staff, governors and Derby Moor Academy, where many of our children move to in Year 7, we have decided not to add any sex education into our proposed scheme of work. This is something we wish to gain further views from parents on to be sure this is the right decision for our children.

Q: Can I withdraw my child from Relationships Education or Health Education?
A: No. There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education or Health Education. Both of these will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds. This will start with family and friends, how to treat each other with kindness and recognising the difference between online and offline friendships.

Q: Does the new Relationships Education take account of my faith?
A: The DfE states that Relationships Education has been designed to help children from all backgrounds build positive and safe relationships, and to thrive in modern Britain – this means taking into account the religious background of pupils when planning teaching, so that topics are appropriately handled. In developing these subjects, the DfE have worked with a number of representative bodies and faith organisations, representing all the major faith groups in England.

Q: Will my child be taught about LGBT+ relationships?
A: Yes. At Gayton we believe that all pupils should be taught about the society in which they are growing up. Relationships Education is designed to foster respect for others and for difference, and educate pupils about healthy relationships. We also believe that children should receive teaching on LGBT+ content during their school years. Teaching children about the society that we live in and the different types of loving, healthy relationships that exist is very important. The DfE states that Primary schools are strongly encouraged and enabled to cover LGBT+ content when teaching about different types of families.