Relationships Education Policy and Curriculum Information

2021 – Parental Consultation

At Gayton we believe in teaching children about healthy relationships with friends and family, developing a good understanding of what healthy future relationships can look like. We work hard to ensure all our children are taught how to be healthy and safe in their lives and choices they make, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing.

As you may be aware, the DfE (Department for Education) is introducing compulsory Relationships and Health Education for all primary children from the summer term.

We have consulted with Parents/Carers to get their views on certain aspects of this new addition to the curriculum. Links to feedback following the consultation can be found below.


Current Relationships Education & PSHE Policy 

No changes have been made to the policy for 2023.

DfE Guide for Parents

2021 Consultation Follow-Up Information


2022 – Parental Consultation

Following a consultation with teaching staff, we are proposing the following changes to our Relationships Scheme:

Period Talk (Girls only) from Year 5 to Summer Term Year 4 – this is reflective of emerging needs of some children in school.

Addition of lessons around Body Care (hygiene) into the Summer Term Year 4 curriculum – again reflective of emerging needs of some children in school.

Addition of Keeping Safe lessons into Year 4 Summer Term and repeated in Year 6.

Moving of the Puberty and Changes lessons from Year 6 to Year 5 (Summer Term).


Growing Up with Yasmine and Tom, an online scheme of work recommended by the PSHE Association, is used to deliver relationships education objectives.

No other changes to our policy have been made: learning will still take place in single sex groups following consultation with Year 6 pupils in 2021, where children felt more comfortable receiving information and asking questions in this format. As part of our safeguarding arrangements, two members of staff of the same gender will also be present when delivering learning.  Parents will be informed of when these lessons will take place.


Our revised Programmes of Study can be found below (changes are highlighted in yellow):

Year 3 Programme of Study

Year 4 Programme of Study

Year 5 Programme of Study

Year 6 Programme of Study


The Consultation Ended on Wednesday 15th June 2022.