We encourage children to come to school and provide an incentive through achievement awards. The class with the highest attendance level each week is recognised in assembly.

We are proud of our attendance from September 2016 to July 2017 was 96.3% which is higher than the national average (96%).

Should your children not be able to attend school when they are ill, you need to ring the office on the first day of their absence. If you do not, we will phone you so that we can be sure that your child is safe. When your child returns to school we ask you to send a signed note letting us know why they were away, even if you have already phoned us.

You are not allowed to take family holidays during term time and so we will not authorise any leave, unless it is for a recognised religious occasion. Unauthorised absences will be reported to the Local Authority and may result in a fine. We want the children to be in school so that we can teach them.