The government recommends that children in Years 3 and 4 should do one and a half hours homework a week and that children in Years 5 and 6 should do thirty minutes a day. At Gayton we want homework time to be positive and rewarding for parents, carers and children. Homework should not be done in isolation. Adults and children should work together talking about what has been learned at school and reinforcing this learning at home.

Gayton teachers provide relevant and rewarding homework tasks through the weekly homework Learning Log to support the aims of helping pupils progress towards increased independence and nurturing in them a desire to explore, investigate and learn.

The Learning Log offers a balance of subjects and curriculum areas over a term allowing children to develop the areas of particular interest. Some activities are open ended allowing the children to use their preferred learning styles. Activities allow children to complete as much or as little in each section as they wish and open a line of communication between pupils and parents/carers.

Every child will bring home a Learning Log on Friday. This log provides parents with a brief description of what has been studied that week in each lesson and suggests an activity that you could do with your child.

As well as the Learning Log, your child also needs to read every day and look at the spellings that they will be tested on every week. We also ask you to help your child with their maths by doing 5 – 10 minutes of daily ‘Quick Maths’.

Homework Policy – Spring 2023