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Please click on one of the logos below to view the uniform choices offered by our four uniform providers.


Book bags (£5.00) and PE bags (£3.50) with the school logo on can be bought from the school office.

Your child will know which days they need their PE kit. Please ensure that they bring their kit into school on the correct days. No jewellery can be worn for any PE lesson, this includes any earrings. This is for your child’s safety.

Year 3 children go swimming every week at Gayton Pool. For swimming lessons they need a towel and hat; goggles are optional. Boys also need trunks or swimming shorts that do not cover the knee and girls need an all in one swimming costume or a tankini.


Please Make Sure That Everything is Named!

Girls’ School Uniform Boys’ School Uniform
Grey or black knee length skirt, knee length pinafore dress or trousers Grey or black trousers or shorts
Plain white polo shirt Plain white polo shirt
Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan Navy blue sweatshirt
Flat black shoes, ankle boots or trainers Black shoes or trainers
Black, grey or white socks or tights Black or grey socks
Black or grey leggings may be worn under knee-length skirts, but not as an alternative to trousers
Blue summer dress
Girls’ P.E. Kit Boys’ P.E. Kit
Plain white T-shirt without logos Plain white T-shirt without logos
Plain navy blue shorts – girls may wear leggings for cultural reasons
Plain navy blue shorts
Pumps for indoor P.E.

Trainers for outdoor P.E.

Pumps for indoor P.E.

Trainers for outdoor P.E.

A tracksuit may be needed for
outdoor P.E. lessons during the winter
A tracksuit may be needed for
outdoor P.E. lessons during the winter


Religious or cultural headwear may be worn in black, navy blue or white.

We ask parents to consider the practicalities of styles when purchasing uniform e.g. short, tight skirts are not practical for sitting on the carpet; thin pump-style shoes are not suitable for damp playgrounds when it has rained; knee-length boots are too hot to sit in all day when the heating is on.


Small plain stud earrings, inexpensive watches and religious bangles may be worn to school, but must be removed for PE and swimming lessons.

Other school equipment

Your child does not need any equipment for school as all pencils, pens, rulers etc are provided. However many children like to bring their own equipment to school and this helps them develop skills such as looking after and organising their own property.

If your child wishes, they may bring a small pencil case to school. Please do not bring large pencil cases as they take up too much room on the desk and in their tray, and may prevent productive work taking place.

We do not allow toys, electrical items or mobile phones in school. If a child needs to contact anyone urgently, they can request to use the school phone. Similarly, we will pass any messages from you on to them. If a mobile phone is brought to school, we keep it safe in the school office.

School uniform policy – Summer 2018

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