Our Governors

Governor Information

The Governing Body of Gayton Junior School is comprised of parents (2), staff (1), Headteacher (1), Local Authority (1) and Co-optees from the local community (12).

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The main function of the team is to work with the Head teacher in setting the future direction for Gayton Junior School and in deciding how our school budget is to be spent. As Governors we provide the Head teacher with support and advice, drawing on our varied knowledge and experiences.

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We have three committees at Gayton:

Standards Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring:

The delivery of the National Curriculum

Targets for pupil attainment

Standards of teaching

The SEND provision

Arrangements for school visits and residentials

Pupil premium

Personnel & Pupils Committee

This committee is responsible for:

Agreeing the Published Admission Number (PAN)

Reviewing staffing structures and pay progression

Monitoring staff and pupil absence

Monitoring exclusions

Monitoring behaviour

Parental complaints

Finance, Premises, Health & Safety Committee

This committee is responsible for:

Agreeing and monitoring the school budget, including staffing and resource costs

Monitoring systems that promote the health and safety of the pupils and staff within school

Monitoring buildings and premises work carried out

Monitoring the spending of grants, such as the Pupil Premium or Sports Premium funding