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Childcare Choices

Are you eligible for help to pay for your childcare? The Government helps many families with childcare costs, whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support.  Visit Childcare Choices to find out more about what you are eligible to receive and how to make childcare as cost effective as possible. 

E Safety Questionnaire

Our number one priority at Gayton Junior School is keeping our children safe. Increasingly, making sure our children are safe on-line is playing a significant role in guaranteeing that safety. To give us an idea of where to best support our children, it would help us if you could complete the survey below. It will be open until the end of term. We will

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Gayton TV Studio

The Gayton TV Studio is now in its second year. The aim of the project is to develop children’s ICT, presentation and language skills through the channel of media. As well as performing and writing, the children learn to use the camera, lights, microphone and green screen. By using the green screen, the pupils can set their films wherever they like, allowing their imagination

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