Safeguarding Update

The Online Privacy Guide: How to Stay Safe on the Web provides parents with lots of general advice and specific tips about different sites.

Online Privacy Guide: How To Stay Safe On The Web in 2019


The information below was shared with parents and carers in our February 2017 Newsletter.

Leaving Children at Home Alone

The NSPCC has created a tool to help parents decide whether or not their child is ready to be left home alone. It raises questions for parents to think about, helps them to prepare their child for being left and considers alternatives. Click here to view the tool on their website.

Stay Safe Online

You have all received your pack of materials with links to websites to help you keep your children safe online following the “Alright Charlie” meeting on 18th January, but we’ve recently been made aware of another website about Internet safety and it includes advice on how to use parental controls to protect your children. Click here to visit the website.

Live Me

We’ve recently received a warning about a new app called Live Me. This enables children to live stream videos of themselves to others. There has been an incident in another local authority where a 12-year-old child put themselves in danger by live streaming video without privacy settings—allowing anyone to watch it. The app is meant for people aged at least 18 (or aged 13 with parental permission). Please be alert if your child is using this app and be aware of what they are watching and sending out and who can access it.


We have also received information that an app called  MyLOL”  is unsafe for children to use and should be deleted immediately as the police have concerns that it is being used for inappropriate activities involving young people.

  • February 9, 2017
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