Safeguarding Policies

As part of your child’s Computing curriculum, our school is providing supervised access to the Internet. This access will help to develop your child’s learning and foster their creativity. With every piece of technology, there are important rules to follow to ensure safe use – for the benefit of all children at Gayton. Please read through the rules set out in our Rules for Responsible Internet Use with your child that can be found in the E Safety Policy below.

Click on the links below to view other Safeguarding Policies.

Education Child Protection Safeguarding Policy Autumn 2020

Appendix 11 – Education Child Protection Safeguarding Policy – March 2020

Anti-bullying Policy Spring 2018

SEND Policy Autumn 2021

Health & Safety Policy Spring 2020

Intimate Care Policy Summer 2018

E-Safety Policy Spring 2021

Looked After Children Policy Autumn 2020

Missing Children Policy Autumn 2018