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Whilst school is closed, we will provide weekly Learning Logs for each year group which will direct you towards new tasks for Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Thematic Topic tasks that teachers had planned to do with the children each week. Mr O’Donnell has produced these in the same style as a Learning Log but it is certainly not meant to be done all in one day: hopefully you can use it during each week to support what you are doing at home and there are resources to support you with each task. Please encourage your child to do some on their own if they can and do some with you or other members of the family. Please feel free to email Mrs Hill (head@gaytonj.derby.sch.uk) with any work your child is particularly proud of and we will happily pass it on to their class teacher—once we’ve had a look too!

We will also keep on releasing other home learning resources as we find them: these are certainly not compulsory, but may help you if your child is struggling to access the Learning Log tasks; the most important thing is the wellbeing of your family at this time, so these activities are more focused on learning through doing activities. You’ll find links to our updates below.

Our top 3 things to do (and never stop doing) when you’re at home:

  1. Read. Read books, blogs, magazines, short stories, read your favourite books again, listen to stories online. Please keep reading!
  2. Talk. Talk to each other about things. Discuss how you are feeling. Talk and laugh whilst you are playing a game with each other. Tell jokes.
  3. Exercise. Keep active, indoors and out (within the rules, of  course). Your body and mind both need to be active; one helps the other.


Summer Holiday Learning

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Weekly Quizzes

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