PE and Sports Premium Funding

Review of Funding (September 2016-July 2017)

In the last academic year we received £9830 of Sports Premium Funding at Gayton Junior School. The list below identifies how this money was spent to improve and sustain sporting provision in school.

Breakdown of Spending

£4800 – Lunchtime Sports Provision from Premier Sports.

£750 – New football kits for the boys and girls football teams.

£600 – Funtrition – A health and fitness unit for Year 5 delivered by the SSP (Schools Sports Partnership).

£180 – DCFC staff to support sessions.

£180 – Staff training in Lacrosse.

£220 – Purchasing of scheme for specific teaching units.

£266 – Transportation to matches and festivals.

£450 – Sports Day Provision to provide new activities for Sports Day.

£300 – Dance Festival Subscription.


PE & Sport Participation and Attainment

We have a range of activities timetabled for lunchtimes, which also supports behaviour management. This enables children to access new sports and enables children who cannot attend clubs to experience coaching from sports coaches in different sports.

Staff training improves and develops staff knowledge of the sports covered within the new National Curriculum, enabling them to confidently deliver lessons with differentiation and challenge.

Re-joining the Derby SSP gives us opportunities to take the children to a wider range of sporting events within the city, including activities for children with special needs and children who are more able in PE.

Sustaining Standards of PE – (September 2017 – July 2018)

Click here to view our action plan (including swimming data) for the 2017-18 academic year.

In this school year (September 2017-July 2018) we will receive a further £19,690 of funding. This will be used to train the PE Leader to observe and monitor standards of provision in school, on maintaining sporting equipment so that sports can continue to be played at Gayton, on encouraging less active children to participate in more sporting clubs and to continue lunchtime provision and Year 5 cycle training.

The PE Leader will also monitor participation in clubs to ensure that there is coverage in all year groups, genders and other groups which are monitored in school, such as Pupil Premium children and SEN. The SSP can provide further support to ensure the diversity of our intake is catered for. Click here to view the different opportunities offered by the SSP.

School support will continue to be offered from Derby County, as one of our partners from the Derby Moor Trust, who will continue to provide after school clubs for the children and some team teaching in the Autumn Term. Click here to view our review of the Autumn Term 2017.


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