Our Staff

Teaching Staff List 2018-19

Name Job Title
Mrs J Hill Acting Headteacher
Mr D O’Donnell Acting Deputy Headteacher
Year 3 Teacher – Class 2
Mr N Kettle Year 6 teacher – Class 12
Mr E Chapman
Year 6 teacher – Class 11
Mrs L Trimbee Year 6 teacher – Class 10
Mrs L O’Donnell Year 5 teacher – Class 9
Mr P Evans Year 5 teacher – Class 8
Miss R Gallagher
Year 5 teacher – Class 7
Mrs R Aujla
Year 4 teacher – Class 6
Ms K Hallam
Year 4 teacher – Class 5
Miss E Lloyd Year 4 teacher – part time – Class 4
Miss L Barfield Year 3 teacher – Class 3
Mrs J Orchard Year 3 teacher – part time – Class 2
Mr M Dawson
Year 3 teacher – Class 1
Mrs D Costema SENCO & Class teacher one day a week in Classes 4 and 9
Mrs L Ward
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Harries Walker Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Booth Teaching Assistant – Year 3
Mr T Chapman Teaching Assistant – Year 3
Mrs H Hans
Teaching Assistant – Year 3
Mrs K Johnson Teaching Assistant – Year 4
Mrs S George
Teaching Assistant – Year 4
Mr L Reed Teaching Assistant – Year 5
Mrs L Fletcher
Teaching Assistant – Year 5
Mrs D Tomlinson
Teaching Assistant – Year 6
Mrs V Clarke
Learning Mentor
Mr J Butler Digital Media Technician


Support Staff List


Name Job Title
Mrs L Hill School Business Manager
Mrs A Coupe School Administrator
Mrs S James School Administrator
Miss A Ashworth School Adminstrator
Mrs K Green
Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Tomlinson Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Briggs
Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Booth Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Daahir
Midday Supervisor
Miss C Ward Midday Supervisor
Ms K Ramage Lunchtime Play Leader
Mr A Bird
Premises Manager
Mrs K Green
Mrs J Ward Cleaner
Mrs S Shergill Cook in charge
Mrs S Dol
School meal assistant
Mrs P Kaur School meal assistant
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