Summer Week 2 Learning Logs

The links below will take you to the weekly Learning Log for each year group, outlining what the children would have been learning in school this week. Children should have a go at each of the tasks. Feel free to continue with some of the activities we have shared with you previously, especially those that provide some daily exercise at home, such as the Joe Wicks sessions or Oti Mabuse’s dance activities. Click here to visit our most recent update with other ideas that we’ve been asked to share with you.

We’ve also been given free access to First News, the UK’s only newspaper for children, which is published weekly. The link to view the newspaper can be found at the bottom of this page, along with some activity sheets based on the weekly stories.

Year 3 Resources

Year 3 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – Oliver Twist Comprehension

Spelling LCWC Resource – Miss Barfield & Mr Dawson’s groups

Spelling LCWC Resource – Mrs Orchard’s group

Numeracy Resource – Addition & Subtraction Workbook

Numeracy Resource – Answers

Science Resource – Reflection Presentation

Science Resource – Reflection Activity – Testing Materials

Science Resource – Reflection Activity – Choosing Materials

Thematic Resource – Hadrian’s Wall Presentation

Thematic Resource – Hadrian’s Wall Facts

Thematic Resource – Hadrian’s Wall Comprehension

Thematic Resource – Mapping Hadrian’s Wall Activity


Year 4 Resources

Year 4 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – Firebird Reading Text – PDF

Literacy Resource – Monday Reading

Literacy Resource – Tuesday Reading

Literacy Resource – Wednesday Reading

Literacy Resource – Thursday Reading

Literacy Resource – Friday Reading

Spelling LCWC – Ms Hallam & Mrs Aujla’s groups

Spelling LCWC – Miss Lloyd’s group

Numeracy Resource – Addition & Subtraction Workbook

Numeracy Resource – Answers

Science – Classification Presentation

Science – Classification Cards

Science – Classification Activity 1

Science – Classification Activity 2

Thematic Resource – Cities Presentation

Thematic Resource – Cities Activity Sheet


Year 5 Resources

Year 5 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – The Tempest

Spelling LCWC

Numeracy Resource – Time – Miss Gallagher’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Time – Mr Evans’ Group

Numeracy Resource – Time – Mrs O’Donnell’s Group

Science Resource – Keeping Cool Presentation

Science – Investigating Materials Activity Sheet

Science Resource – Investigating Materials Lunch Box Report Activity

Thematic Resource – William the Conqueror Presentation

Art Resource – How to Draw a Portrait


Year 6 Resources

Year 6 Learning Log

Reading Booklet & Questions

Reading Answers

Numeracy Resource – Fractions

Science Presentation – Libbie Hyman

Science Resource – Libbie Hyman Fact Sheet A

Science Resource – Libbie Hyman Fact Sheet B

Thematic Resource – Mayan Gods Presentation

Thematic Resource – Mayan Gods Activity


First News (17th-23rd April)


Crossword – Level 1

Crossword – Level 2

Crossword – Level 3

Comprehension – Level 1

Comprehension – Level 2

Comprehension – Level 3