Summer Week 10 Learning Logs

The links below will take you to the weekly Learning Log for each year group, outlining what the children would have been learning in school this week. Children should have a go at each of the tasks. Feel free to continue with some of the activities we have shared with you previously, especially those that provide some daily exercise at home, such as the Joe Wicks sessions or Oti Mabuse’s dance activities.

We’ve also been given free access to First News, the UK’s only newspaper for children, which is published weekly. Click here to view this week’s edition.


Weekly Wellbeing Task

To begin with, this week we have posted tasks for each day from Calmer Classrooms. These are all tasks to help children at home and there is one task for each day on the PDF, should you wish to use it.

There is also a video file to provide the audio on Monday’s meditation task.

Daily Tasks

Monday’s Meditation Video

Year 3 Resources

Year 3 Learning Log

Reading Resource – The BFG Chapter 1

Reading Resource – The BFG Comprehension

Spelling Resource LCWC – Mr Dawson & Miss Barfield’s Groups

Spelling Resource LCWC – Mrs Orchard & Miss Norchi’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Measuring in Grams Presentation

Numeracy Resource – Measuring Mass Activity

Numeracy Resource – Measure Mass Task – Mr Dawson’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Measure Mass Task – Miss Norchi & Mrs Orchard’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Measure Mass Task – Miss Barfield’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Measure Mass Answers

Science Resource – Journey to the Centre of the Earth Presentation

Science Resource – Earth Layers Interactive Visual Aid

Science Resource – Inge Lehmann Fact Cards

Science Resource – Inge Lehmann Activity


Year 4 Resources

Year 4 Learning Log

Spelling Resource LCWC – Mrs Aujla & Ms Hallam’s Groups

Spelling Resource LCWC – Miss Lloyd’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Converting Between Digital to Analogue Presentation

Numeracy Resource – Converting Between Digital to Analogue Activity

Numeracy Resource – Times Pairs Cards

Numeracy Resource – Analogue to Digital – 24 Hours – Presentation – Challenge

Numeracy Resource – Analogue to Digital – 24 Hours – Activity – Challenge

Science Resource – Thomas Edison Presentation

Science Resource – Electricity Hunt Activity Sheet

Thematic Resource – Movie Sorting Sheets

Thematic Resource – Answers


Year 5 Resources

Year 5 Learning Log

Reading Resource – The Highwayman

Reading Resource – The Highwayman Comprehension

Spelling Resource LCWC

Numeracy Resource – Comparing Decimals Presentation

Numeracy Resource – Get In Line Number Cards

Numeracy Resource – Number Line Activity Sheet

Numeracy Resource – Number Line Extra Challenge

Numeracy Resource – Decimals Challenge Presentation

Numeracy Resource – Decimals Challenge Activity

Science Resource – Stonehenge Presentation

Science Resource – Theories Activity Sheet

Science Resource – Support or Refute Activity

Thematic Resource – Elizabeth I and Marriage Presentation

Thematic Resource – Suitors Information

Thematic Resource – Suitors

Thematic Resource – Letter Template

Art Resource – Wanted Poster (Blank)


Year 6 Resources

Year 6 Learning Log

The Man Who Bought a Mountain Chapters 1 & 2

The Man Who Bought a Mountain Chapters 3 & 4

The Man Who Bought a Mountain Chapters 5 & 6

Literacy – As You’re Reading – Comprehension Questions

Literacy – Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension

Literacy – Life on the Mountain Reading Comprehension

Literacy – Reading Comprehension

Literacy – Mountain Vocabulary Matching Game

Maths – Magnificent Mountains Activity Sheets

Science – Avalanche Experiment

Geography – Mountain Ranges of the World

Geography – Mountain Labelling Activity

Art – Colouring Pages



Bear Pose

Bow Pose

Butterfly Pose

Cat Pose

Chair Pose

Child’s Pose

Crescent Moon Pose

Downward Dog Pose

Elephant Pose

Frog Pose

Happy Baby Pose

Lion Pose

Mountain Pose

Rainbow Pose

Snake Pose

Three-Legged Dog Pose

Tree Pose

Warrior Pose