Summer Week 1 Learning Logs

The links below will take you to the weekly Learning Log for each year group, outlining what the children would have been learning in school this week. Children should have a go at each of the tasks. Feel free to continue with some of the activities we have shared with you previously, especially those that provide some daily exercise at home, such as the Joe Wicks sessions or Oti Mabuse’s dance activities. We’ve added another update with other ideas that we’ve been asked to share with you – click here to visit!

Year 3 Resources

Year 3 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – Red Riding Hood Script

Literacy Resource – Script Writing

Spelling Sheet – Mrs Orchard’s Group LCWC

Spelling Sheet – Mr Dawson’s & Miss Barfield’s Groups LCWC

Numeracy Resource – Place Value Booklet

Numeracy Resource – Answers

Science Resource – Light & Shadows Lesson

Science Resource – Light & Shadows Sorting Cards

Science Resource – Light & Shadows Task

Science Resource – Answers

Thematic Resource – Boudicca PowerPoint

Art Resource – Lowry Information


Year 4 Resources

Year 4 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – Adventure Stories – Features

Literacy Resource – Settings

Literacy Resource – Story Planner

Literacy Resource – Write Your Own Adventure Story

Literacy Resource – Word Mat

Spelling Sheet – Ms Hallam’s & Mrs Aujla’s Groups

Spelling Sheet – Miss Lloyd’s Group

Numeracy Resource – Place Value Activity

Science Resource – Grouping Animals Lesson Presentation

Science Resource – Grouping Animals Quiz

Science Resource – Grouping Animals Extension

Science Resource – Grouping Animals Picture Sheet

Thematic Resource – UK Counties Lesson Presentation

Thematic Resource – UK Counties Activity Sheet

Thematic Resource – UK Counties Adult Guidance


Year 5 Resources

Year 5 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – Shakespeare Information

Literacy Resource  – Shakespeare Reading Comprehension

Spelling Sheet – Week 1 LCWC

Numeracy Resource – Money Word Problems

Science Resource – Properties of Materials Lesson Presentation

Science Resource – Properties of Materials Activity Sheets

Thematic Resource – Battle of Hastings Information

Thematic Resource – Battle of Hastings Reading Comprehension

Art Resource – How to Draw a Portrait


Year 6 Resources

Year 6 Learning Log

Literacy Resource – The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Numeracy Resource – Multiplication and Division Practice

Numeracy Resource – Multiplication and Division Answers

Science Resource – Stephen Hawking Lesson Presentation

Science Resource – Black Hole Investigation

Science Resource – Black Hole Report

Thematic Resource – Meeting the Maya Lesson Presentation

Thematic Resource – Welcome to the Maya Area Activity

Thematic Resource – Maya Map Activity

Thematic Resource – Mayan Reading Comprehension

Art Resource – Mayan Mask Instructions

Art Resource – Mayan Mask Template