School Closure Resources

While your child is off school during our enforced closure from the government, we would strongly advise that they continue to do some daily school work to keep their minds sharp.  Your child will understandably see this as an extended holiday, however, as teachers, we know that children’s cognitive ability dips considerably during long periods off school (for instance during the summer holidays) and we are concerned that this will be the case during this enforced closure – resulting in your child making less progress this year.

I would advise that your child still reads daily and completes activities on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. We have also put links to year-specific work packs from twinkl on each year group page (links below)  – which can be downloaded free of charge and printed at home.  Your child could also produce a project on something they are interested in, write a diary each day or do some research about the topic they are studying.

twinkl are kindly offering all of their resources for free for a month.  You need to visit: and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS (you do not have to enter any bank details).  are also offering free activity packs tailored to each year group.

If you have any queries, including needing log in details for Mathletics and Reading Eggs please contact Mrs Hill –

You do not need to print off these activities – many can be accessed by children looking at the tasks and recording their responses in the book provided this week by school. 

Please click on the year group links below to access the Twinkl resources:

Year 3 Closure Resources

Year 4 Closure Resources

Year 5 Closure Resources

Year 6 Closure Resources

Mrs Costema’s SEN Resources

Please also check out our Other Ideas page – we will try and keep this updated with PE and other types of learning that you can use at home.

New School Closure Resources – 18th May 2020

New School Closure Resources – 11th May 2020

New School Closure Resources – 4th May 2020

New School Closure Resources – 27th April 2020

New School Closure Resources – 20th April 2020

New School Closure Resources – 6th April 2020

New School Closure Resources – 30th March 2020