Our Governing Board

List of Current Federation Governors

Please note: With the exception of Sukhy Mahal, as identified in the grid below, no other governor serves on a governing body of any other educational establishment. All governors have full voting rights.

As this is a new, federated governing board, there are no attendance figures for the previous academic year. Governors who left the Gayton Governing Board in the last 12 months are also included at the bottom of the page.

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Name Governor Category Appointing Body & Date of Appointment End of Term of Office Committees Attendance 2019/20 Position(s) of Responsibility Relevant Financial or Business Interests Relationships between governors and members of school staff
Chair: Paul Hassall Co-opted School  01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Pupil Progress – Vice Chair n/a Chair;  Pupil, Sports & Catch Up Premium – Gayton Junior School; Headteacher Appraisal None
Vice Chair: Sukhy Mahal (also a Governor at Derby Moor Academy) Co-opted School  01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Pupil Progress n/a Vice Chair;  Safeguarding; LAC Link Governor;
Headteacher Appraisal (Arbitrator)
Tamara Dale (Headteacher – Ridgeway Infant School) Headteacher n/a Declared
Jane Hill (Headteacher – Gayton Junior School) Headteacher n/a None
Amanda Skidmore Clerk n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a None
Michelle Bailey Staff School


01/09/2024 Pupil Progress n/a None
Jenny Watson Parent School
01/09/2024 Pupil Progress n/a Pupil, Sports & Catch Up Premium – Ridgeway Infant School None
Sadaf Shah Parent School
01/09/2024 Resources – Vice Chair n/a Headteacher Appraisal None
Lorna Reid LA LA
01/09/2024 Resources n/a SEND None
Andy Cokayne Co-opted School  01/09/2020 01/09/2024  Resources – Chair n/a Mental Health & Wellbeing None
Debbie Tomlinson C0-0pted School  01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Resources n/a None
Michelle Cockcroft C0-0pted School  01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Pupil Progress n/a SEND None
Rabinder Singh Co-opted School 01/09/2020 01/09/2024  Resources n/a Safer Recruitment None
Chris Warren Co-opted School 01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Pupil Progress – Chair n/a Headteacher Appraisal; Maths None
Oliver Januszewski Co-opted School 01/09/2020 01/09/2024 Resources n/a Literacy None
Rachel Burnett Parent School Resigned 26/01/2020 Standards Vice Chair – Standards;
Writing; Safeguarding; Mental Health & Well-being
Debbie Costema Staff School Resigned 17/08/2020 Standards SENCO None

The Deputy Headteachers and School Business Managers of each school are Associate Members. They do not have voting rights at committees or full governing board meetings.