New School Closure Resources – 27th April 2020

We are trying to make sure you have as many alternative options to use with your child at home as possible. Please remember it is important to tailor what you are doing at home to suit you and your child/children.  As teachers, we are acutely aware that some children do not learn best when they are sitting, reading and writing. Lots of children learn better when they are ‘doing’, or learning through play or activities like baking. At the same time, your well-being is as equally important as theirs and what is important to us is that you are all safe, well and happy during this time.

BBC - About BBC Learning - Bitesize   You will have heard about the BBC Bitesize online lesson launch last week. They have daily lessons for Primary children and an SEND Toolkit that some parents may find useful. Click here to view their Primary homepage. You can also sign up for their Parent and Child Newsletter.

Pinterest   The Hamilton Trust is a great online resource used by teachers and they have kindly made some of their units of work free to access during the school closures. We particularly like this e-Safety topic which you may find useful to work through with your child at home, especially as we are all doing so much online at the moment!

UK'S ROYAL MINT GOES CRYPTO, COLLABORATING ON TEMTUM LAUNCH - AYO.NEWS   The Royal Mint have pulled together a host of quizzes, games and educational tools – brought to life through iconic coins, and popular children’s characters such as The Gruffalo and Wallace and Gromit. Ideal for families and children staying home and looking to fill their time with fun, factual and coin-related activities. Click here to visit their website.