New School Closure Resources – 18th May 2020

BBC Bitesize logo ... Explore science through the categories of ...   Music is one of the subjects for Years 3-6 on Fridays on the BBC Bitesize site. On Friday 22nd May, their focus is on Dynamics and Tchaikovsky. Click here to visit the Bitesize homepage for Music in KS2 – there are some great activities to have a go at!

Weather and climate change - Met Office   The Met Office have produced some great resources for junior school aged children that can be used for home learning across 5 key themes. Visit their website to have a look.

File:BritishCouncil.png - Wikimedia Commons   The British Council have revised their activities to suit home learning and have a range of bite-sized activities on their website to try at home, including Life Below Water – Tackling Plastic Pollution.

img   Dragonfly Education have produced a sheet to support parents working with children with Autism. You can download their ‘top tips’ here.

Baker Ross   Mrs James has asked me to pass on the link to Baker Ross, who sell craft materials, as they have some great offers you may wish to take up – I’ve ordered some great (and easy) Father’s Day activities to do with Oliver, taking advantage of their current discounts and speedy delivery!