Gayton Passport of Experiences

passport2We believe that a child’s time in school should be exciting and memorable; the best years of their life! We offer not just an outstanding academic education, but also a broad range of fun activities and life experiences. Our passport is a list of 50 things we believe every child between the age of 7 and 11 should experience.

We provide as many of these enrichment opportunities as we can. As children complete them, they date the relevant stamps on their passport. This passport then becomes a record of all the amazing activities that our children experience during their time with us.

The list includes: make a snow angel, bake a cake, hold a baby chick, camp outside overnight, roll down a big hill, build a den, climb a tree, make a film, feel sand between your toes, go to a zoo and visit London! Click here to read about its launch in the Derby Evening Telegraph.

“It was our son’s first experience of visiting London and he thoroughly enjoyed the day. He won’t stop talking about it and has given it a 10 out of 10!” – Y6 parent

This year, our Year 5 children spent a lovely day at the seaside in Sutton-on-Sea ticking off lots of passport experiences. Soon afterwards, they camped on the school field and built dens in the woods near school. The Year 6 children visited London as part of their weekend residential. In Year 4, the children watched with interest as their caterpillars turned into butterflies. They also spent the year working with the Derbyshire Music Partnership to learn to play the ukulele. Our Year 3 children had fun rolling down hills at Castleton. Several eggs were delivered into school and we got to watch as they all hatched and then got to hold a baby chick when they had fluffed up and were old enough. We all dressed up as our favourite Disney characters for our sponsored event in May, each year group spent time working with Charlie and his real-life history experience: building Roman Catapults, Viking Longships, Tudor Houses or Spitfires, we all had a go at archery on Sports Day and we made kites to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday – an event that was featured on the ITV news!


flykite       makemovie       bakecake
           24 – Fly A Kite                           28 – Make A Film                           48 – Bake A Cake

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